About the Artist

Carol Frank Becken Shalom

Born in Belle Harbor, N.Y. 

Lives and works in Audubon, PA and Half Moon Bay, CA

Carol Shalom is a teacher, photographer, watercolor and mixed media artist whose passion for capturing nature began in childhood growing up at the beach in Belle Harbor, New York.

As a young mother of three children, Carol worked part time as a teacher/director in a pre-kindergarten program. Her lessons were geared to awaken and stimulate a creative process.  She thought seriously about what Henri Matisse said, "Look at life with the eyes of a child."  What she observed in her early childhood classroom was the total freedom and joy that young children posses as they create.  Years later, she sadly observed a tentativeness or even a fear of the creative process in her third grade students. Picasso's quote came to mind, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up."  And so, Carol decided to set an example for her third graders by learning how to paint. 

In 1999 she started taking watercolor classes with Lauren Daddona AWS, PWS.  With encouragement,

Carol's third graders began to let go of their fear of failure as their teacher, Carol Shalom, shared her experiences of feeling frustrated. She would repeat the encouraging phrases she always used with students over the years to propel herself further... 

                                   "On the other side of frustration is enlightenment" Confucius 

                                   "I think I can, I think I can!" The Little Engine That Could   


Artist's Statement

Teaching elementary school gave me the opportunity to inspire young children to believe they can do anything if they believe in themselves and give their best effort.  Creative expression was an integral part of every learning experience.  

Retirement has given me the gift of time to be with my family, travel, garden, bake bread, and CREATE!  

I love sharing the beauty of happily getting lost in the creative process with friends, family, and students!

Welcome to my site.